To qualify as one of Stoneham's heroes requires a bit more than just being a great skier. Your attitude to your sport and life in general is also an important factor. Our heroes are Stoneham's life style personified and we are proud to be able to present them as "ours"!


Over the course of the last two seasons, Teodor has established himself as a world class skier. However during the Sochi 2014 Olympics he took his results to the next level and really made a name for himself. With one silver and one bronze medal he made a major contribution to Sweden's record-breaking medal haul. Throughout the 2013/14 ski season, his outstanding performances were achieved with Stoneham gloves on his hands. It is with great pride that we support Teodor, a true hero.


As a former elite skier with Swedish Championship medals to her credit, Julia knows what is required to go all the way. But she also knows what a pleasure it is to simply head off into the country and ski. As the "kranskulla" or "wreath girl" at the Vasa Ski Race she has also seen the joy in the eyes of skiers who have won the world's greatest ski race. Today Julia is a health and fitness consultant and one of the country's most popular arrangers of ski camps just for girls. The meetings are quickly booked up and Julia enjoys seeing how increasing numbers are discovering the fascination of the sport. Julia is one of Sweden's absolutely best ambassadors for cross-county skiing. It goes without saying that she is also a real Stoneham hero!
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